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About: Elemental Eco-Luxury Villas 

Set amongst the forest reserve’s canopy, the villa sits harmoniously and sustainably integrated in the surrounding environment.  The tree-house style villa with it's expansive and open floor-plans and indoor/outdoor living spaces offers an extreme immersion into the natural habitat of the local Atlantic forest flora & fauna all from the convenience of your eco luxury villa.

With some of the best views of the Peninsula's wild and lush ecology , the eco-villa was built to be open to allow the guests to experience the elements while yet providing a stylish and sophisticated shelter from them. The Villas are design for maximum privacy, openness, and comfort allow one to have an open and integrated experience with the natural surroundings and views while offering privacy, exclusivity, and luxury.

A large viewing deck, built at the canopy level of the coastal Atlantic forest offers expansive views and constant refreshing ocean breezes - an observatory of the surrounding ecology, allowing you to sit back in comfort and enjoy the natural theatre of exotic birds, monkeys, butterflies and more plays out around you.  A truly unique and authentic ecological retreat.

Planned Resort Development (Coming Soon)

*photo merely illustrative, atual construction may vary from artistic render


 Sustainable Ecological Architecture

Surrounded by nature the villa sits harmoniously and sustainabley integrated in the natural environment and acts as an observatory of nature. Orientated and aligned to the solar axis, with an open floor-plan that integrates the natural surroundings and makes for great wildlife and bird observation, as well as star-gazing, as the deck level sits at the forest canopy level capturing the open ocean views and breezes.

Built employeing local ecological material and using local artisans the project seeks to show expemplary practice in sustainable waste water treatment and recycling and trash seperation with integrated systems.  Solar power hotwater heating and minimal airconditioned space lead to high efficiency energy usage.  


Following the ancient Hindu methodology for sustainable and ecological-centric architecture, the Villa is planned and designed around the principles of Vaastu, employing mandala based design for harmonization into the natural energies and surroundings. Vastu design is said to bring peace, wealth, and abundance to the occupants by tuning them into a resonant frequency through abundance-based design principles based on ancient Ayadi mathematics, a sort of eastern 

numerology of harmonics used by the Hindus to connect to natural higher energies that brought abundance and peace into their lives.



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Coming Soon:  The Resort Development

Elemental Eco-Luxury Resort.

A development of sustainably built eco-villas centered around resort styled facilities with a pool, spa, lounge, restaurant, and recreational lagoa and more. Built for comfort and relaxation and with free access to the resort infrastructure, the private beach-side villas will provide 1st class facilities, amenities, and services.

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