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Villa Elemental. Praia de Algodões, Peninsula de Marau

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Peninsula de Marau: Getting There

Villa Elemental is located in a remote and rural location but getting there is simple and direct. Located an hour and a half north of Ilheus,  the scenic highway of the coast of Dende is a scenic and peaceful drive through the coastal Atlantic forest that brings you to the entrance of the Peninsula.  From there, The trip involves a short half hour journey down the infamous dirt peninsula highway to arrive at this remote ecological outpost located in the geographic center of the peninsula.  Access also available from Salvador via bus or car, arriving in Camamu and taking a taxi boat to Barra Grande or Porto do Jobel.

By Air

International Airport: Salvador (SSA)

Domestic Airport:  Ilheus


Transport from Ilheus Airport

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Transfer Service

Algodões Beach: House Reef and Natural Pools  

Located in front of the natural pools and reef of Algodoes, the property is situated in a preserved corridor of coastal Atlantic Forest that encounters the sea.  Conveniently and centrally located to the best of the village of Algodes, yet situated in an exclusive and reserved rural community of upscale beach homes with a sustainable flair,  the private gated community gives direct private access to one of the most scenic and sought after beaches in Algodões and of the whole peninsula: the river mouth beach, known for it quality surf and diving. With direct private beach access there is tons of activity and leisure available right at the doorstep with a world of potential beyond for the explorative type. The region is full of points of interest, all at your doorstep.

The Neighborhood: Getting Out


Getting out is easy as everything is conveniently located within waking distance (2-10 mins) and is even better by bicycle as you can get quick access to everything from Tikal Beach  down to Arandis and the hidden beach of Amendoeira just beyond. Although the neighborhood is easily walkable, bicycles also make for a great way to explore the community.  For longer excursions, inquire about 4 wheeler rentals.

The Village of Algodões

Located in the south of Bahia the Peninsula de Marau, a remote and wild natural paradise with a rich, preserved ecology full of diverse flora and fauna is home to pristine unumerous beaches protected by proliferate reef systems.  There exists some of Brazil's most desirable beaches one of them being the reef and beach of Algodões, otherwise known as the Praia de Algodões, the slighty less known neighbor of Taipus de Fora but yet equally magnificant and arguably more quaint and tranquil.

The small fishing enclave with a growing numbers of vacation homes, has become the most trending place of the Peninsula.   Located halfway along the extension of the Peninsula de Marau, in an area that is full of lush and pristine vegetation, Praia de Algodões is quaint fisherman village consisting of a beach front road and small vias dotted with vacation homes. The vibe is peaceful and pleasant with sandy roads and friendly locals. Algodões main feature is the reef and natural pools that give home to tranquil warm clear waters and a very beautiful beach. The atmosphere is pleasant, not having been overtaken by mass tourism and pousadas, the village has developed in a sustainable way. 

The Region: Peninsula de Marau

Once reserved for royalty, the Peninsula is rich in flora and fauna and was the place that inspired Brasil’s environmental protection act (APA).  The Peninsula de Marau is rich in diverse ecology and natural beauty.  Conde Nast calls it the most glamorous places of Brasil and says “in the next tens years will be developed into one of the world’s most exclusive eco-luxury destinations”. And right on track, with several major developments breaking in the region.  The area is full of unexplored reefs, rivers, bays, islands, waterfalls, and waves/surf, all with flora and fauna typical of the amazon rain forest with old growth trees and primitave forests of over 300 years old. From saltwater bays to freshwater lagoons, endless trails and rich wild life, the eco-adventure possibilities are endless as it is a frontier for adventure sports.  An area rich in attraction and activities gives many reasons to visit and Algodões being located in the middle of the most preserved part of this natural wonderland makes for an excellent base from which to explore the peninsulas many attractions.


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