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What exactly do I get when I purchase an off-plan project?  You will get full ownership of a real-estate asset and the land on which sits, the said villa as well as partnership in a business entity (Oasis Algodoes, Ltda.)   These two documented assets have the potential to increase in value as the offering and brand develops.  That said, buying in at this stage allows you to lock in the highest equity position as these prelimenary prices are already set for increase as each unit is sold and built, increaseing the overall worth of the offering.  So in whort you get a smart investment that gives you two birds with one stone:  A fully managed turnkey eco-resort hospitality offering, and the added security of being backed by a real estate asset in a dynamically growing market.  Oh and cashflow… and so many other ownership benefits.

Property Ownership in Brasil  Foreigners can own land and assets freehold with a simple registration number made with the local municapality, refered to as a CPF.  This gives you the rights to hold partnership in a brasilian business entity and along with this, investments over R150,000.00 qualify for an full-residency investor visa.

Visas to Visit Brasil  The list of countries needing a visa can be found here.  Visas are good for up to 10 years and allow an extended stay of 6 months per year.  Investors are also eligable for resedency via an investor visa.

How can I know this is legit?  Our project is backed and funded fulley with no debt, ground-breaking has already begun, and all current partners and interested parties are personally invested in making this the greates development possible for all concerned.  We are stake holders as well as oweners & developers. You can be assured we are seeking the best interests of the goup.  As well we have built and proven the initial prototype.  As any one knows, with each iteration it gets easier and more efficient to build having alligned all suppliers, qualified all teams, along with the practical experience gained and carried forward, almost all the ambiguities and risks of the unkown are already worked out.  In short, we have already proven the model making it easier for the others to follow.

Do You Offer Any Developer Financing?  Yes, with an initial deposit of 50% we provide terms in between 5-8%, well below market rate, for our partners.  Get intouch to discuss the options that fit for you.

Do you offer partial ownership or time-share purchases? YES ____ No. Each villa represents an established partner share and can be purchase by one individual, a company, or trust.  But we do encourage you to group together with your contacts to make the purchase together.  Afterall, there is plenty goodness to go around.  Do the math and see what works for you.  Joining forces may just give you the leverage you need as well as the added benefit of friends to come along and enjoy in the adventure.  If so, we recommend you establish a simple business such as a limited partnership to recieve and distribute funds in between parties.  

What is the Purchase Process?  Review the purchase agreement and resort managment terms thoroughly.  After you are fully informed and satisfied with your selection and purchase terms are agreed upon, a customized version of the purchase agreement will be provided for your review and signature.  Upon signing, the initial deposit will be due and the process of regristration and entitlment will begin, as will the project development (as detailed in the purchase agreement.  And in 30 - 90 days you will have a titled property and in 6-12 months your project will be completed, turnkey ready to

Can I come visit and see the development?  Yes.  We highly encourage our patrons to do their own due-diligence.  Come visit and personally experience the vibe, the energy, the tranquility of the place.  Research and experience the area, comparable market comps, the eco-tourism industry of the Marau peninsula.  Stays booked at the villa will be discounted from your purchase price, as well as the cost of your plane tickets.  With nothing to loose and eveything to gain, we invite you to book your trip today.  


  1. Developement, Outfiting, and Management

How can I be assured I’ll get what I pay for?  All payment milestones will coincide with the development of the villa to protect both side.  Transparent billing and development log allows the client to closely accompany all developments and payments.  

Who will take of the property while we are not using it?  There will be on-site property manager looking after the properties and facilites with gardening and housekeeping staff.  This will be part of the minimal fixed overhead costs of Resort Managment.

Can I furnish as I want?  Yes you have the option, but if you opt in to the rental pool, then you must have the approval of Resort Managment (RM).  Although we provide turnkey service all the way down to selecting furnishing and decor, we encourage participation in the selection process.  All decisions can be accompanied in the client area of our website making for easy virtual connection to your project.


Can I use the villa if it’s in the Rental Pool?  What about lending it to friends?  Yes, our rental agreement allows you (and your guests) to use it as much as you’d like with in a few stipulations detailed in the Rental Agreement.  Basically you can use without penalty outside of blackout dates as long as the resort is not at full capacity.  This is another hiden benefit of the rental pool cooperative model.   

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Purchasing & Ownership FAQ

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